Equalize Time – How To Calculate

Example:  (Battery bank = 1000 AH, 20% Discharge, Charger Output = 50A)

1.Determine bank size (1000AH)
2.Estimate DOD (20%)
3.Calculate required AH (20% x 1000AH = 200AH)
4.Compensate for charge inefficiency (200AH x 115% = 230AH)
5.Divide by charge rate (230AH / 50A = 4.6 Hrs) 

Frequency of corrective equalizations will vary by system due to factors such as operating temperature, frequency of cycling and depth of discharge.  Loss of capacity, imbalance and low specific gravity readings are indicators.

Please see Corrective Equalizations & Instructions for proper procedure.

Many systems provide the option to schedule automatic preventative equalizations.  These may be scheduled to run for 1-2 hours to balance and remove any buildup of sulfation that has accumulated between corrective equalizations.  We recommend performing corrective equalizations only as necessary to prevent unnecessary deterioration of oxide past in balanced, healthy cells.  Note that HYDROCAPS should be removed during these procedures.