Rolls 12V & 24V LFP lithium batteries are extremely reliable and offer excellent cycle life. However, like any battery, there are certain conditions where the battery does not operate as expected. These situations are typically the result of misuse, abuse, a non-optimal operating condition or improper storage.

This article explains potential issues you may encounter with Rolls 12V & 24V LFP lithium models and provides the appropriate troubleshooting procedures to restore, balance or reset the battery.

Charger Trips using Constant Voltage

        Problem: CV charger trips while charging the batteries. This is due to the low impedance of the battery                     creating a current inrush.

        Solution: Reset the charger and try again.

Terminal Voltage Absent or Low

        Problem:  Using a multimeter to check terminal voltage, the battery voltage reading is low.

        Possible causes for this problem are:

  • The voltage of a cell within the battery has dropped below 2V causing the microprocessor to enable under-voltage protection.
  • The battery’s state-of-charge (SOC) has dropped below 5% from an extended idle period or heavy use, enabling under-voltage protection.
  • The battery has overheated causing the microprocessor to enable over-temperature protection.

        Solution:  To resolve situations where terminal voltage is absent or low:

  1. Allow the battery to cool and recheck terminal voltage.
  2. Connect the battery to a charger to wake the battery and recover terminal voltage. Depending on the battery’s voltage and state of balance, it may take up to 48 hours to completely charge and balance the battery.


        Problem:  Battery current disappears when charging. 

        Possible causes for this problem are:

  • The battery has overheated, enabling over-temperature protection.
  • The battery pack is out-of-balance.
  • Charger voltage is too high.

        Solution:  To resolve situations where current disappears when charging:

  1. Allow the battery to cool.
  2. Apply a 14.0 V charge voltage for 48 hours to balance the charge on all cells. (ex. 12V model)
  3. Reduce charger voltage to 14.4 V or less. (ex. 12V model)