Many systems offer the ability to program Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD), triggering an alternate power source (often a generator) to kick in, preventing over-discharge of the battery bank.  By default, this may be set by the manufacturer at 1.75 VPC.

LVD setting is a personal choice.  Allowing the battery bank to discharge to a lower voltage will reduce over all cycle life.  The higher the set point may result in more frequent use of a generator when discharge reaches the low voltage cut-off.

To prolong battery cycle life, we would recommend setting LVD between 1.85 VPC to 1.95 VPC, adjusting up or down to reflect how often you wish to run the generator or alternative power source when discharge reaches the programmed set point.

12 Volt System 11.1 Volts -
11.7 Volts
24 Volt System 22.2 Volts -
23.4 Volts
48 Volt System 44.4 Volts -
46.8 Volts