Rolls R-Series & S-Series drop-in LFP batteries may be installed in any orientation* (except upside down) as required by the application. Rolls drop-in LFP batteries must be installed in an indoor space and out of direct sunlight.

*Front Terminal (FT) models are installed on one side only. Refer to the label for which.

All installations should consider the ambient temperature. If installed in a region with freezing temperatures or extreme heat, special care should be given. Rolls R-Series drop-in LFP batteries cannot be charged below 0°C (32°F), nor discharged below -20°C (-4°F) and doing so will severely degrade the internal cells. Similarly, operation above 55°C (131°F) will negatively impact longevity, performance, and safety. Rolls S-Series drop-in LFP batteries feature internal heating to compensate for reduced temperatures but are still limited in the external temperatures they can tolerate. Refer to the datasheet or label of your specific model for accurate information.

Waking up the Battery

If you have just received your battery, it may have entered a low power sleep mode during transit. In this state, the Bluetooth receiver will be off, and the voltage will be between 2V-10V, waiting to sense an external device. For R-Series drop-in LFP models, connect a charger or load to “wake up” that unit and enable charging, discharging, and a Bluetooth connection. To wake up an S-Series drop-in LFP battery, do this, or press and hold the reset button located below the onboard screen.