NOTE: see Rolls Battery S24-2800LFP & S48-6650LFP LiFePO4 Battery Warranty for

warranty terms & conditions for these specific models.

Rolls Battery, herein referred to as the Company, warrants to the original purchaser that Rolls LFP LiFePO4 lithium batteries sold by Authorized Distributors and Dealers are merchantable and free of defects in workmanship and material at the time they are shipped from the Company's factory. All warranties detailed below are non-transferable.


* Up to a maximum of 42 months from the date of manufacture.

Note: Rolls R-Series and S-Series 12-volt and 24-volt LFP lithium models are designed for regular deep cycling such as renewable energy applications grid-connected backup or off-grid systems or marine storage banks. These models are not suitable for use in repeated heavy discharge and high cranking applications such as engine starting.

Within the warranty period, the Company will replace, or at its option, repair a battery with an equivalent in-kind replacement where available. After a battery has been repaired or replaced, the warranty term shall continue with respect to the repaired or replaced battery for the balance of the original warranty period on the original product.


Warranty coverage is for a 3 year term (36 months), initiated at the time of purchase and/or the documented date placed in service, up to a maximum of 42 months from the factory date of manufacture, and shall not be honoured or extended beyond the terms as outlined above. Documentation, including proof of purchase or confirmation of installation is required.

Freight charges for replacement product shipped from the factory and/or Distributor, Dealer or 

Installer's location are not covered under Rolls Battery manufacturer warranty.

The warranty, which covers against defects in manufacturing only, is null and void if the battery has been damaged from misuse, abuse or any type of physical damage. All batteries must be used in an application for which it was designed. Batteries are required to be serviced, stored, charged and discharged following Company instructions on proper use and care. Only persons with applicable training, or experience, should service Rolls LFP LiFePO4 lithium batteries. The customer is required to read and understand warning labels on the battery and adhere to manufacturer's instructions.


The warranty does not apply or extend to any batteries that have been subjected to the following conditions:

  • Failure to install, operate or maintain the battery according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Failure to recharge a battery placed in storage for extended periods. (more than 3 months) 

  • Failure to recharge a battery within 24-hours of discharge.

  • Failure to report the discovery of an alleged defect for 14 or more days.

  • Operating the battery in ambient temperatures outside of the recommended temperature range.

  • Batteries installed outdoors, operating in direct sunlight or in a non-ventilated space.

  • Missing, physical damage, destruction or modifying the date code on the battery case.

  • Connecting and operating the batter(ies) with another make or model, regardless of manufacturer.

  • Connecting the batteries in series and/or parallel connections which exceed the quantities specified for the particular model.

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