Temperature Sensor

For charge accuracy and safety, many systems use a sensor mounted to the battery to measure cell temperature and adjust charge voltage accordingly. Temperature sensors should be installed directly on the side of a cell or battery in the center of the bank and must be securely mounted below the electrolyte level to determine accurate cell temperature.  When using chargers that do not feature temperature compensation, voltage settings should be monitored and adjusted based on actual cell temperature. Failure to use or properly install the provided sensor may cause damage due to over/undercharge which is not covered under Rolls Battery manufacturer warranty. As a precaution, this sensor may also trigger a programmed safety charge cut-off as the battery bank should not exceed an operating temperature of 52ºC (125ºF).

Series 4000, 4500, VRLA AGM & OPzV GEL models – the temperature sensor should be mounted on a battery in the middle of the string or battery bank. To ensure an accurate reading of cell temperature, the sensor must be mounted below the liquid level on Flooded models and not attached to a terminal or top of the battery case as these areas are generally cooler than the internal cell. For traditional Flooded, VRLA AGM & OPzV GEL models, Rolls recommends attaching the sensor half way down the side of the battery and/or 10-12cm (4-5”) from the top of the case for the most accurate temperature reading.

Dual-Container Models – If the battery has a modular, dual-container construction, the temperature sensor must be mounted directly to the side of an internal cell. To access the cell, disconnect the terminal connections and remove the outer cover which snaps on to the case or may use small removable plastic pins. Mount the sensor to the internal cell and run the connecting cable between the case, being careful not to pinch or damage the wire when placing the cover back on. Automotive silicone is used to seal around each terminal to protect against spills, dust & debris. This may be reapplied when the case has been reassembled.

Dual-Container Models - Remove case cover. Mount sensor to the side of internal cell below liquid level. Replace the cover and re-seal around terminals with silicone.

Sensors should not be mounted to the top of the battery case/cell or terminal as this does not provide an accurate temperature reading of the electrolyte.  

See infrared temperature shown below -