Individual cells in our Rolls Batteries are manufactured with heat-welded covers.  After assembly, cells are air tested for leaks and quality inspected in preparation for shipment.  Part of the process includes cleaning the battery of any excess electrolyte or residue.  Batteries are washed and dried thoroughly.  

It is common for water to collect along the welded seam between the case and cover on our popular L16 (S6 L16, S6 L16-HC, S6 L16-SC, S2 L16, S2 L16-HC, S2 L16-SC, S6 L16-EX, S2 L16-EX) models.  Upon initial inspection or shortly after installation customers may notice a small amount of liquid running from this seam, which is normal.

The easiest way to remove any remaining water from the seam is to slightly tilt the battery on one end, allowing it to run out naturally.  Do not tip the battery on its side as this will allow electrolyte to run out around the vent caps.

If a case leak is identified it may be caused by the following:

- Freight damage

- imperfections in the case or cover which did not allow for a proper weld

- case cracking from impact

If a significant leak is identified following heavy charge or equalization, please report this to your battery supplier (Distributor, Dealer or Installer) for further assistance.