Advanced NAM is a proprietary carbon blend used in the negative plate formation of Rolls premium deep cycle flooded models.

The addition of Advanced NAM carbon additive in Rolls premium heavy-duty negative plate structure increases overall charge acceptance, offering improvements of 10-15% in charge efficiency, requiring shorter charge times and improved performance in conditions of partial state of charge (PSOC) common experienced in off-grid solar applications.

Cycle life of flooded deep cycle lead-acid batteries is affected by a variety of conditions including depth-of-discharge and proper charging. Renewable Energy installations, such as off-grid solar, often result in limited charge current and time which results in deficit cycling and reduces battery performance. With an increase in charge acceptance, Rolls flooded models with Advanced NAM will reach full state-of-charge more efficiently and frequently, maintaining charge balance across the battery bank and reducing sulfation buildup and capacity loss in situations where charge times may be limited.

•    Up to 15% Quicker & More Efficient Charging
•     Enhanced PSOC Performance
•    Higher Capacity (~5% additional usable capacity)
•     Improved Cycle Life

Note: Rolls flooded models with Advanced NAM carbon additive may see higher End Amps or Return Amps values as the cells are less resistant to charge and current output will remain slightly higher at 100% SOC. A set point of 2-5% may be used with these models. Adjustments in charge and programming may be necessary when replacing other flooded models.