Rolls deep cycle battery lines are backed with comprehensive, non-transferable warranties that lead the industry in length of coverage. Weʼre confident that our batteries will perform time after time, year after year.  However, should a problem arise, you may be assured that youʼre covered better than any other battery warranty in the business.

Rolls Battery, herein referred to as the Company, warrants to the original purchaser that batteries sold by Authorized Distributors and Dealers are merchantable and free of defects in workmanship and material at the time they are shipped from the Company's factory. All warranties detailed below are non-transferable.

In the event that the Company makes a drop shipment to a Distributor's Customer, that Customer must be instructed to perform an inspection of the goods BEFORE signing the delivery slip. The Company is not responsible for damaged product reported after shipment has been signed "Received in Good Condition".



Warranty coverage is initiated at the time of purchase and/or the documented date placed in service and shall not be honoured or extended beyond the terms as outlined above.  Application and actual usage of the battery supersedes the terms associated with a battery type and/or model where the battery is used for an alternative or unintended purpose.  Warranty periods are limited by battery type and model, as outlined above, and will not be extended beyond the terms associated with that type or model, regardless of usage.

Freight charges for replacement product shipped from the factory and/or Distributor, Dealer or Installer's location are not covered under Rolls Battery manufacturer warranty.


Within the warranty period, the Company will replace, or at its option, repair any warrantable battery with an equivalent in-kind replacement where available.  After a battery has been repaired or replaced, the warranty term shall continue with respect to the repaired or replaced battery for the balance of the original warranty period on the original product.


Any costs for transportation, duties and/or taxes, installation/removal, recharging, system tests, loss of time or use of equipment, service calls or rentals will NOT be covered by the Company.

The warranty, which covers manufacturing defects only, is null and void if the battery has suffered from misuse, abuse or any type of physical damage. All batteries must be used in the application for which it was designed. Batteries are required to be serviced, stored, charged and discharged following Company instructions on care and use of batteries. Only persons with applicable training, or experience, should service batteries. The customer is required to read and understand warning labels on the battery and perform any workaround or on it with the appropriate level of responsibility and care. Batteries must be maintained following the Battery User Manual and a maintenance log must be kept including initial (installation) data. 

The warranty does not apply or extend to any batteries that have been subjected to the following conditions:

-    shipping damage, loose wiring, rusted or corroded hardware

-    abuse, neglect or accidental damage

-    discharging beyond the recommended depth of discharge as outlined in Company literature

-    exposure to excessively hot or cold temperatures; bulged or otherwise damaged cases from heat

-    operating conditions or applications above the rated capacity of the product

-    improperly sized batteries or over/undersized battery sets, improperly sized charging systems

-    insufficient charging (undercharging, overcharging or lack of periodic equalization charges as required)

-    use of the battery in an uncharged condition; discharged batteries

-    damage from electrical equipment

-    batteries that have had date codes destroyed, altered or tampered with where proof of purchase is not available

-    improper storage, installation, maintenance, repair or removal

-    breakage, freezing, explosion, fire, wreckage, charging or installing in reverse polarity, melted and/or broken terminals

-    under/overwatering; addition of any chemical or solution

-    where the batteries have not been used, operated and/or maintained in accordance with instructions and precautions outlined in the Rolls Battery User Manual and Company technical resources.


To address issues with a battery covered by warranty, contact the Distributor, Dealer or Installer from which the battery was purchased to verify (establish) the battery condition/defect. Alternatively, contact Rolls Battery Customer Service (1-800-681-9914) or Technical Support ( directly for instruction on how to proceed with a warranty claim and/or assistance with troubleshooting. 

To claim a manufacturing warranty, a Rolls Battery Battery Test Sheet & Warranty Claim Form must be completed, noting the battery model and manufacture date code, accompanied by a copy of the proof of purchase showing the date of purchase and/or installation date.  Service/maintenance records may also be requested. The Company may require that the battery be inspected and/or tested by an Authorized Battery Outlet or the Company (manufacturer) for actual defect. In these cases, freight would be the responsibility of the customer and acceptance of batteries by the Company or an Authorized Battery Outlet for testing/inspecting does not guarantee approval of the warranty claim. Batteries that do not meet the requirements outlined to qualify for a manufacturing warranty, or are determined to be in usable condition, will be returned to the customer at their expense and a testing fee may be charged.

The Company makes no warranty with respect to its batteries other than the warranty stated above. All implied warranties of merchantability and all expressed and implied warranties of any other kind are hereby excluded.

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