For the first 12 months of usage, the following tests should be completed: 


    Measure and record resting/loaded voltage

    Check electrolyte levels and top up with distilled water as necessary

    Test and record specific gravity measurements in Float charge

    Record ambient temperature where the batteries are installed

    Inspect to ensure temperature sensor is securely attached

    Inspect cell integrity for corrosion at terminal, connection, racks or cabinets

    Check battery monitoring equipment to verify operation


    Test Ventilation

    Check terminals/connections, remove corrosion and properly re-torque

    Check for high resistive connections

    Check cabling for broken or frayed cables

    Verify Charge Output, Bulk/Absorption voltage of Inverter/Charge Controller

    Check cells for cracks or indication of a possible leak

    Check Ground connections

Deep cycle batteries will increase in capacity during the initial break-in period of 60-90 cycles. Adjustments to charging parameters may be necessary during this time. Battery performance, charging and maintenance requirements will depend on usage. Following the break-in period, a regular maintenance routine will be established after 9-12 months of service.

Following these recommendations will ensure the batteries reach their rated capacity and operate in good working order.